All our floor mats have been made to the best attainable standards from UV treated recycled polypropylene. Follow our guide to mat maintenance for cleaning and storage instructions. Our floor mats and playmats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but extensive exposure to sun or rain will lead to fading and deterioration over time.



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This bright and cheerful mat measures 1.8m square, fits neatly in market stalls and can be also used as floor covering in a gazebo. It's ideal for everyday living and is large enough to seat several people but still compact enough to pop in the boot. If using outside regularly, perhaps consider our eyelet options for easy tie-down.

Like all of our recycled plastic outdoor mats, the innovative recycled plastic is naturally waterproof and mould resistant, plus it requires next to no drying time – a convenient advantage if the ground is damp. Our mats are easy to clean, easy to carry and easy to store. Wipe or broom the dust and dirt away, or if you need a deeper, more thorough clean, you can simply hose them down.

For your convenience, all of our recycled plastic mats come in a recycled and reusable carry bag, allowing you to take your mat wherever you go. 

Lemon Squeezy Mat 1.8mx1.8m

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