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All our floor mats have been made to the best attainable standards from UV treated recycled polypropylene. Follow our guide to mat maintenance for cleaning and storage instructions. Our floor mats and playmats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but extensive exposure to sun or rain will lead to fading and deterioration over time.


One of our largest mats, the 'Diamond' has plenty of space for the whole family to gather, whether it be for for meals, games or relaxing. The mat's tight weave serves as a barrier against stones, itchy grass or insects while still allowing the circulation of airflow to help preserve the ground underneath. This mat can be used both inside and outside your large tent to add padding under your feet, or to provide extra space around your campsite. It's also reversible!Like all our recycled plastic camping and caravan mats, the Diamond mat is easy to care for, store and transport. Made from recycled plastics, soil and sticky food remains can be hosed off easily. For your convenience, all of our camping mats are UV resistant, have six eyelets for tie-down purposes and come with a strong, recycled polyester carry bag which has a handy silver-insulated side pocket, so there's plenty of room for more than just the mat! . Our innovative recycled plastic is naturally waterproof and mould resistant, plus it requires next to no drying time - a convenient advantage if the ground is wet or damp! Simply fold the Diamond mat back up to its compact size and place it back into its carry bag, ready for the next destination! Being reversible also helps to extend the longevity of your mat.


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