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Salty Captain's Ultimate Package gives you absolutely everything you need to keep your vessel protected along with your vehicle.

We have manufactured some of the best products on the market right here in Australia to not only help with the cleaning and care of your vessels, but also help with preventing rust to your trailer and vehicle. What we have here is a complete package containing everything you literally need in order to look after your pride and joy.


✅ Prevent any future rust and corrosion

✅ Ph Neutral & Environmentally Friendly
✅ Reduce unseen Salt & Sand
✅ Less elbow Grease, just Spray, Rest & Rinse

✅ Reach every crack & with less scratches and swirls

✅ Get that nice finish with the micro-fibre mitt & towel


  • Garden Hose Gun 
  • 1 Litre of Salt Wash
  • 1 Litre of Engine Flush
  • Engine Flusher
  • 750ml Captain's Seal
  • Microfiber Twist Towel 
  • Microfiber Hand Mitt 

Captain's Ultimate Package 1L

SKU: ultimate1L
$280.00 Regular Price
$196.00Sale Price
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